International Society


Surveyors Consultants & Auditors


ISSCA is a non-profit membership-based Organisation

for the benefit of the Surveyors, Consultants and Auditors and their Firms related to

Sea Transport, Shipping, Maritime Industry, Port, Terminals, Cargo, Insurance, P&I, Offshore,

Land, Building, Construction, General and other Industries around the World.

The world head quarter of this society is in London with Worldwide network.


This page is under construction

A new comprehensive, dynamic, user friendly and searchable web-site is coming soon.


The existing society / network is now becoming stronger and growing up.

The online community will take its own shape in due course.


Registered in the United Kingdom, as a not-for profit International Society

under The Companies Act, 2006 of England & Wales.
Society Registration no: 07477051

Registered in the Year: 2010

Worldwide ‘Executive Committees’ Globally
(being proposed)

Contact Detail:
Tel: +44 20 7096 0056 (Office)
Fax: +44 70 9204 1937 (UK & Global)